What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I liked the water extraction process. Great workers.

Wonderful job, very helpful and considerate.

When my family's refrigerator water supply line broke, it was virtually the worst possible moment and day to happen.  Fortunately, Josh and Mark from SERVPRO of Southern Butler County were available and were at our home in about an hour.  We often think "what would we do if....?" and this was definitely one of those times.  Lucky for us we called SERVPRO.  Things could not have gone smoother and I felt that they were truly concerned about the quality of their work and taking care of our home.  I highly recommend SERVPRO of Southern Butler County if you are ever faced with a similar disaster.  

Lauren D.

They knew exactly what they were doing and didn't miss a step in removing the water where it had traveled. The team was efficient and respectful of my home. Throughout the process they kept me informed of what steps would be taken and what courses of action were available to me.  I felt at ease knowing that the SERVPRO team had everything under control.  

I am so glad that when my bathroom toilet supply line broke, I called Peter at SERVPRO of Southern Butler.  Not only were they here to help fast, but Peter and his crew walked my wife and I through everything that was damaged and what steps were needed to mitigate the tremendous amount of water.  While going through a disaster like this is something we did not expect, I couldn't thank Peter and his SERVPRO team enough for getting us through it and putting our home back together perfectly!   We highly recommend SERVPRO of Southern Butler!

When I returned home from work to find water leaking from my kitchen sink plumbing, SERVPRO of Southern Butler arrived promptly and assessed the situation. What I thought was going to be a total disaster turned out to be a clean and concise job due to their skill and professionalism. While some of the wall and trim was removed, they were actually able to SAVE a large area of my basement. I could not be happier and recommend SERVPRO to anyone facing a water damage.