Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO has the TOOLS and the TALENT

Sometimes homeowners cannot believe how far water can travel under carpet and other flooring.  At SERVPRO, we have tools like Infrared Cameras that help us to visualize to customers just what is going on inside walls and under floors.

In this photo, the coolest spots are the darkest color blue and this temperature variance indicates the presence of moisture.  The corner of this basement was wet and actually had a puddle nearby. 

SERVPRO of Southern Butler was able lift the carpet and dry this area of their floor quickly.  The homeowner saved themselves from potential mold growth and further damage to their carpet, walls, and base trim.

Call SERVPRO today at 724-473-0745 if you ever suspect you have a water or mold problem.  One call could save you thousands $$  !!!

Flash Flooding in Cranberry PA

When heavy rains hit Cranberry PA we received numerous calls from homeowners with flooded basements.   This homeowner was surprised to see just how much water came through their basement window and lingered behind their drywall.   

Fortunately, this homeowner called the PROS at SERVPRO of Southern Butler to handle the job.  We were able to identify all of the wet areas in their basement, clean, and DRY them completely in just a few days.  The rebuild of their basement started just a few days later.  

You will find the team at SERVPRO to be efficient, honest, and PROFESSIONAL ! 

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