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Water Damage to Flooring

12/3/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage to Flooring

When flood waters rise, the damage starts in the floor and you may not always see it there. Recently, the hurricanes and torrential floods have yielded lots of water damage claims, but sadly, many homeowners don’t call for help in time.

Water damage can start subtly, and you may not see a thing. Thinking there is no damage, you go along with your life. Suddenly you notice a hump in the flooring that wasn’t there before. This is one of the signs that your floor is “bowing” because of swelling particle board under the surface.

It’s so important that you get a specialist out to your home as soon as water touches your flooring. There are steps that can be taken to satisfactorily save your beautiful floor, but you must be responsible and take the steps to save it.

As soon as you see water touch the floor begin to dry it with any means possible. Throw all of the household towels on the floor and take the wet ones outdoors, starting with clean ones until dry. If you have a carpet cleaning machine of your own, use it to suck up moisture, but call a professional at once.

The longer you wait, the more likely you are to encounter the other problem with water damage, mold. Mold is harder to remediate than water damage. Hopefully your home won’t suffer from water damage, but if it does, the faster you act, the sooner you can be restored.

Commercial Damage Lightning Strikes and Computer Damage

One of the most expensive debts to incur is the debt of repairing damage to corporate sites and equipment after a storm has passed through. One of the unseen damages that occurs during lightning storms is that of surges to the electronics.

Most of the time, commercial buildings have ample surge protection, but on occasion, a lightning surge can dismantle a business infrastructure in a matter of moments. Damage to wiring can cause the wires to heat up and lead to fire. Fire can start inside the walls.

It’s very important to protect the computerized equipment in a commercial setting and to be vigilant about watching for signs of wall fire, which can cause much more damage than a surge to the power. After an electrical storm, have your maintenance staff walk around the walls just to ensure there is no unusual heat coming from the walls, and have someone inspect the wiring, just to be safe.

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